Have we seen Griffey touch em’ all for the last time?

There’s a lot of speculation out there about Ken Griffey Jr. being in his last days. I must admit, as I saw him round the bases last night on his 628th homer of his career, wearing that same white Seattle uniform that I watched him round the bases in the old Kingdome so many times; I got a little excited and had some thoughts that “this could be it” for just a brief second.

I said to my girlfriend “Oh my gosh, Ken Griffey Jr. homered tonight” as if she cared. All she knew was that Baseball Tonight was on, and I haven’t made her have to struggle through that show in a long, long time this year.

And if you really want my opinion on it; yeah, I think this is it for Junior. I think he will retire a few weeks after the season ends after his final tour of duty in Seattle failed to yield him a season of 20 homers. And I think there’s a reason of irony I caught one last glimpse of the guy who helped me fall in love with baseball as an 11-year old kid who didn’t have a whole lot of other things to be happy about back then.

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