Eric Wedge is history in C-town

Eric Wedge has been at the helm for the Cleveland Indians for a long tenure. He got close to the World Series the year we began this blog in 2007, and then two tough years followed. We were shocked to learn that the Indians wouldn’t fire Wedge, but at the same time he had pretty good seasons in 2005 & 2007. Plus Indians ownership is dirt cheap.

Well, Wedge is going to be fired after this weekend. The end of an era. And all that good stuff. Hopefully, the Indians go out and get someone that can help restore them to glory. That’s your first thought if you have love for the Indians. Then you realize it’s going to take more then just a good baseball man to really turn this team around. It’s an organizational type thing. Then you just hope they’ll get someone who can agree to hit Grady Sizemore somewhere other then leadoff.

The Tribe is in a lot of trouble. Next year they’ll be fielding offers for anyone on the roster with any value. It’s really sad.

Eric Wedge couldn’t outrun the troubling times in Cleveland. Now he’s history. He wasn’t a bad guy. He just made really shitty baseball moves at times if you ever sat down and watched the Indians at length. He won’t get another managerial job. Cross your fingers for the Indians. God knows the Browns aren’t providing Cleveland fans any relief.