Oh yeah, he's gonna get it

No secret that we’ll always have a soft spot here for Diamond Hoggers Hall of Famer Adam Dunn. We appreciated what Dunn brought to the game long before almost anyone else did. We preached the same things that are now being brought to light by the Washington Post’s Thomas Boswell. And we’d have done it for a fraction of his salary (and credibility):

“Dunn was the most misunderstood player I have heard about in recent memory,” Rizzo said. “The way he was misconstrued [in Cincinnati] was almost unbelievable. He plays banged up. He’d go out there 162 games if you’d let him. [Except Pujols] he’s the most consistent player in the game the last six years.

For the rest of this homestand, fans may watch Dunn try for an exotic, but meaningful record: 40 homers in six straight seasons. He needs two more. Only Babe Ruth ever had seven straight. More interesting, Ruth is the only player with more than eight seasons of 40 homers (11). If Dunn gets No. 6, he may someday stand second only to Ruth. That would get noticed.

Dunn has five games left to hit two homers and get his 40 homers. And guess what all you fuckos who snarled at us when we said Dunn was a future Hall of Famer? Babe Ruth territory is pretty good, we’d say.

We’re not going to be shocked one bit when Dunner goes into Sunday with 39 home runs and goes out with the rest of the country focused on the NFL and the impending MLB playoffs and he slugs out his 4oth blast of the year. He does it every season. It’s like clockwork and it’s been amazing to watch. Our money is on him reaching the milestone yet again in dramatic fashion.

Adam, we miss you dude. God knows Johnny Gomes got everyone’s dick hard in Cincinnati hitting his 20+ homers for our loser Reds this season and you’d have happily done twice that at a bargain rate.