McDonald & Bruce key Reds win over Marlins

[Box Score]

It’s a funny game. We’ll say it again. The Cincinnati Reds have now won four games in a row, and Matt Maloney has earned his first win as a big leaguer.
The Reds opened up the bottom of the first inning with a home run from leadoff guy Darnell McDonald, who started in centerfield. McDonald’s homer to left gave the Reds a 1-0 lead and from there they’d load the bases with two outs. Jay Bruce stepped up to the plate and lofted a broken bat single into left field that scored two runs to make it 3-0.
From there one might have thought the Reds were going to have a huge offensive night and earn a rout. That was not the case. The Reds bullpen went four innings of one hit baseball, did not allow a walk, and struck out six Marlins hitters. Coco Cordero earned save number 38; and it seems to be turning into a nightly occurence for him.
The Reds could muster only 6 hits on the night in front of the crowd of 9,685. The stands looked extremely empty on television and it was quiet enough that after each pitch you could hear the umpire indicate the location of ‘balls’ calls. It’s still good to see the Reds winning and you have to hope that they’ll maybe carry this momentum into next season, who knows. It’d be nice to finish with something like a 10 game winning streak we suppose.