Throwing it around

We haven’t done this in a while. Football season’s week one just wrapped up and the leaves will be changing soon. Summer is over, all the pools are closed. There’s a limited field of teams that even have the possibility of playing in three weeks. But we love baseball, and here’s some good reading to get you your fix.

-Does Papelbon have Cy Young credentials or not? [Circling the Bases]
-Dice-K Matsuzaka is back tonight for the BoSox. [Red Sox Monster]
-Curt Schilling congratulates Derek Jeter. [38 Pitches]
-Mets fans don’t have playoff stress to worry about, but they still show why they’re great fans. [Faith & Fear in Flushing]
-Curtis Granderson debates whether or not baseball is a physically taxing sport. [Y! Sports Big League Stew]
-The Giants and Tim Lincecum got a season saving win last night against Colorado. [Mccovey Chronicles]