Derek Jeter has more hits in pinstripes then anyone else

It’s official now. Derek Jeter has 2,722 career hits in a Yankee uniform, and has surpassed Lou Gehrig as the all-time Yankees hit leader. The Yankees fan base reacted with the appreciation of tradition and history that they would expectedly do.

Derek Jeter has always struck me as a guy who was annoying because he was so perfect. He’s been remarkably consistent. He’s played his entire career not only in one uniform, but as the prince of baseball’s kingdom in New York. He’s dated one beautiful dame after another. He’s won until the point where you wonder if the guy will ever stop winning. But at age 35 and in the twilight of his career, I have a newfound respect for Derek Jeter as a ballplayer and I’m proud to say that I’ve gotten to grow up watching him become one of the greatest Yankees legends.

In an era where Alex Rodriguez pretty much represents everything slimy and false in the game of baseball; and all the shame he’s came out in the open with, Derek Jeter is the truth and as pure as he’s always appeared to be. After all, he never caved in and married any of those money grubbers he was dating. And he’s really been a class act all the way through, despite what Derek Jeter stories you’ve heard. He’s shown why the Yankees are a class organization.

Yankees fans are elated about Jeter getting this record on a rain soaked Friday night in the Bronx. I got a text just before midnight last night saying “Jeter is Golden” from Editor George. Jeter is indeed golden. And forever in history he’ll be remembered. He’s not done yet. Even as a guy who was never a Jeter fan I can appreciate his place in Yankees and baseball history very easily.