Manny Happy Returns

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking. This story will remind you of Rickey Henderson’s supposed exploits with John Olerud many moons ago. This one might actually top it because Rickey Henderson was actually a pretty smart individual (we think). This story would involve Manny Ramirez, who seems to be on a collision course with being clueless 23 hours of the day.

This comes from a guy we know who works in the Dodgers organization. He wrote us an e-mail because he thought the story would please us. He was right.

Hey fellas,

Hope all is well. Had a story for you that you might find kind of funny and that might go well on your site. Just leave my name out of it. So here goes:

Alright so we all know that Jim Thome was traded to the Dodgers at the end of August, reuniting him with Ramirez after all those years in Cleveland. That’s all fine and dandy and all, but get this….. hours before the trade is made official news to the media one of the clubhouse coaches goes over to Manny and says “hey we’re bringing Jim Thome back here to play with you”. Ramirez looks at him, stares off into the distance for a few minutes. Our coach starts to realize that either Manny isn’t happy or he’s got no fucking clue what is going on. Our coach couldn’t believe it was that though, since they played together for almost 10 years in Cleveland. Finally our coach says “Manny aren’t you happy about Jim coming to LA?”

Ramirez looks him dead in the eye and says “I’ve never played with anyone named Jim.” Gets up, and walks away. No shit. Our coach left it at that.

So there you have it folks. It’s good to know that Manny’s whole “I’m on my watch” thing isn’t just an act. He’s really that far out. Shine on Manny, you crazy diamond.