Just another reason we love us some Prince Fielder

You know what? We agree with Deadspin. No surprise there, or when you consider the story involves one of our favorite man-child first basemen. Prince Fielder’s (who continues to be a man among boys this season) walk-off home run celebration was just adding fun to the game and to his team’s overall lackluster season. The San Francisco Giants, the media, and all of baseball need to not get their panties in a wad over it.

People who are spouting off in a negative light about Fielder’s home run celebration don’t like it because they’re SF Giants-sided and the Giants can nary afford to drop games in this fashion if Cinderella’s slipper is gonna fit come October. Have a look:

Look, I’m not against players having fun on the field. It’s a game and fans buy tickets to be entertained. Every time a college football player gets flagged for the tiniest bit of exuberance, I shake my head. Let the kid enjoy the moment a little bit, huh?

But if you have any knowledge or appreciation for the culture of baseball, you know Fielder’s stunt was over the top. It was disrespectful. And if he’s going to pull stuff like that, he’s got absolutely no right to take umbrage the next time a pitcher gets revenge with a fastball to the ribs. Hey, he’s got plenty of built-in padding, anyway.

By reading that you’d think that Prince grabbed his junk in the direction of Bruce Bochy. No really he didn’t. Check it out for yourself. Nothing like a little Zapruder film to hit home our point: