The Henchmen SIMPLY, WON'T, DIE!

Last night wasn’t even a full slate of MLB games. Sure it was close, but whenever you have one of those nights on the schedule you know you’re not going to get much out of your fantasy baseball team. It’s a ‘dead night’. A night in which you just really hope your team doesn’t go 2 for 38 and drop you in Roto point standings.

Well last night my team had one of those nights where you just wanna remember it forever. As the night grew on, the stats kept getting better and better. I guess it becomes more meaningful because they’re chasing down a guy who I’ve spent trying to track down since April, and they’re gaining ground. Since this is the greatest fantasy team of my lifetime, I simply have to give them mention and let you know how it plays out. Last night was a big night. No one else in the league even gained points. Except my boys and the leader that is. I went +2.5 and he went -3.5, so that is big in one night. Now we stand at 75.5 and 77.5 respectively. Still a month to go.

So, the night of champions in a nutshell (click on the image above for a proof):
24/48 (.500), 15 runs, 6 HR, 20 RBI, 3 stolen bases

Stay tuned. I have a feeling that the heroics of these warriors have only just begun.