There's a silver lining in everything, folks

Last weekend we were out east in Connecticut for an engagement reception. We drank wine until the white wine ran out. Then we swilled some red until we could no longer stand up. Not a great idea. The Sunday following we were being driven to Laguardia Airport and we felt some dark forces creep over us. Was it the legendary red wine hangover from Hell that is often talked about? Maybe a little. But more then that it was when we looked up and to our left, Citi Field was off in the horizon.

That field is the Devil. Because on July 11th, that is the battle ground where our fallen hero took his last steps on a ball field. Citi Field, and the God forsaken Mets robbed us of our one special thing in this shitty and disasterous baseball season. It took away our pride. Forever, Citi Field will remain the darkest place known to man (except Fenway) in Major League Baseball for this reason.

But not even Citi Field and all the tennis sweater faggots on the East coast can keep a good man down. Behold:

RF Jay Bruce seemed like a pretty happy dude this morning. After he got the all-clear from Dr. Tim Kremchek following his Friday exam, Bruce was allowed to pick up a bat and start swinging again.

“I hit soft tosses with my bat,” Bruce said. “If everything feels good [Monday], I will hit off of a pitching machine and then BP. We’ll see how it all progresses and go from there. It’s coming along great though.”

There is still no ETA for a return to the lineup. Bruce hasn’t played since he fractured his right wrist on July 11 in New York. He aims to come back some time next month. Still in question is whether he’d be able to get out on a rehab assignment with Triple-A Louisville before their season ends.

We’ve pretty much given up on seeing Jay Bruce take anymore cuts at big league pitching this season. But they’re saying there’s a chance! And we’ll hang onto that sliver of dignity for as long as we possibly can (you know us). What really sucks is the Reds are in the middle of a double header today in Pittsburgh, which would have been an excellent chance for Bruce to pad his stats all day long–even Drew Stubbs got a few knocks.

And what do you know? Our little blogger hiatus just might be coming to an end as well. Or so you all hope.