Reaction to Josh Hamilton's supposed 'relapse'

We been gone a long time and we’re finally feeling at home again in the blog world. Several weeks back a post ran on our favorite sports blog Deadspin, and it was about an athlete who we respect and admire very much.

It was titled “The Devil is Still in Josh Hamilton”. We almost e-mailed the editor of the blog and asked them to change it, but since we know how Deadspin runs their shit, we figured we’d save the keystrokes.

It was saddening to us, but also revealing all in the same. Josh Hamilton is no different then you or I. He’s human, he just happens to have Hall of Fame talent and a lightning bolt in the form of a baseball bat when he’s up at the plate.

We know he’s a God fearing man, and that the Devil is not in Josh Hamilton. But we worried that maybe, just maybe he’d never be able to shake his addictions or put together anything sustained at the Major League level despite all of his amazing talents. Hamilton is once again proving some doubters wrong.

Hamilton in the middle of a very tough year, and struggling with injuries and a batting average in the .220’s when the article ran. That’s no more now. He’s hitting .266 at the time of this post and has raised his average over 40 points since the Deadspin article ran.

We just wanna say that Hamilton is a hero still to us and many others out there. What he has overcame is the most amazing story we’ve followed in the sport in over 25 years of being a fan. We wish he was still in Cincinnati and cannot help but always wish him well when we search out his name in the box score. You have to love the guy because he’s not just a good human being, but because he’s just human like the rest of us. The fact that he’s a superstar in a professional sport shouldn’t make it more wrong if he has a setback in his personal life, should it? But it’s the way of the world today all in the same, we suppose.