Can the Big Donkey hit .300?

This is the first season since Adam Dunn was a rookie that we didn’t own him in fantasy baseball. It just would have been too painful. And wouldn’t you know that he would go out and have a career year in style?

Dunn at the moment is OPSing at a .998 rate, with 33 home runs and 89 RBI. But the real caveat to Dunner’s statistical season is that he’s hitting .286 for that paltry Washington Nationals squad. That’s a terrible lineup that provides opposing pitching staffs little reason to give Dunn anything to hit at all. The guy still goes out, plays every day, hits his arcade video game-style bombs, and manages to hit nearly .300 until late in the season.

That silence you hear is all of the turds who always talk about what a one-dimensional player Adam Dunn is. Where are you now you know-nothings? We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Adam Dunn is going to be a Hall of Famer years down the road. Any Reds fans who didn’t want him in Cincinnati this season, let me know how it is watching Darnell McDonald and Drew Stubbs play out the string in the outfield. Sure is fun isn’t it?

Rock on, Dunner.