Breaking the silence in the name of Home-Dawg Bailey

We have to chip in here with something, as the Reds pulled out a 6-4 win earlier tonight in front of the home crowd to snap a 6-game losing streak.

We gotta give some props to our homeboy Homer Bailey. In a season that’s been unbelievably frustrating in so many ways, prominent only in the amount of disappointment we’ve faced as fans of this franchise; and not short on heartbreak–this just might be the year you can look back on and say that Homer Bailey arrived a little bit.

If you watch the guy pitch and don’t look at the box score, he’s been even better then advertised. You know what I love about him? The way he goes after the best hitter in your lineup with his best stuff instead of backing down. That’s what a young gun is supposed to do. In recent weeks (and including tonight) he has slayed big dragons such as Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard, and Adrian Gonzalez when they were having nice at-bats. He got them to strike out with his best pitch deep in the count after they fought off several.

In our opinion the guy is going to be the star he was advertised as. At the very least, he’s got top of the rotation stuff and he’s young. That’s enough to get excited about in Cincinnati. So as you search for reasons to cheer for an outfield Gomes, Taveras, and Nix; when #34 is on the bump firing the Homer Bailey Express, you should be glued to the television. This guy is developing and piecing together really consistent performances for a lackluster club.

And one more thing. No doubt about who’s fuckin’ tonight! Way to go Homer.