Just remember there’s always someone having a worse day then you

It’s just one of those days. We feel like shit and our team fields a blah lineup with Jay Bruce on the bench and it’s just a blah day altogether.

So enter this video. It’s the perfect day for it. And we’ve known about it for a while. Here we have an innocent looking Polish woman doing God knows what, is she posing for a picture with a bear? Hello…. it’s a FUCKING BEAR. They aren’t like house pets. You don’t willingly pose for pictures with circus bears.

And the best is the animal trainer. Look at him smiling for the pictures with Asya. And then the bear attacks. He cannot be contained. Notice the man who tries to subdue him. The meaningless swats with that little whip contraption. You have to love how the animal trainer then wrestles Asya with everything he has. And the trainer is underneath Asya!

Then the man in the bow tie says “Asya you —-!”

What do you think he was calling Asya? You wouldn’t call a bear a ‘bitch’ in frustration would you? Only if you were having a terrible day, I suppose.