All Glory on a Saturday Night in Cleveland

Homer Bailey said it best, that his teammates had a few big blasts for him to give him a lead, and played good defense behind him.

The opening shot came from Jay Bruce, a line drive to right field off Toma Ohka. The Reds have owned Ohka in the past. Look at what Adam Dunn has done in his career off the man. We knew the Reds would have success hitting off this guy (who we cannot believe is still in a big league rotation). Cleveland fans wanna know why they’re having a rough season. Toma Ohka is starting games for you guys.

Bailey had all the gusto of a competitor. We didn’t need anything special. He had enough to get his first big league win since September 30, 2007. It was the fifth win of his career. Hopefully with 220 or more left in a Reds uniform.

“Truthfully, all I thought about today was getting a win. And thanks to great help from my teammates, I got that win and the team got that win. I was terrible, but we won, so who cares?”

There’s a lot of people in Cincinnati who are pulling for Homer Bailey to really have a steady big league career. We’re one of them. We really like this kid and think he’s got a chance to be an even better player then he would have been had he been an instant success. A little bit of adversity brings out the best in warriors. We think he’s a warrior in the making.