Photoblogging: The Civil Rights Game

We didn’t put up an abundance of pictures in our Civil Rights Game Post, so here’s a few of the ones we took that we couldn’t slip in earlier:

Jay Bruce with the throwback look to honor the old time players. The funny thing is, after a strikeout looking Bruce went back to his natural look with his pants low. Then he doubled off a lefty. Funny how superstition works isn’t it?

We don’t usually sit by the Reds bullpen, but that’s where we found ourselves for most of the duration of this game. We were shooting the breeze (kind of) with Francisco Cordero, who’d throw us a ball after the final out was made when he was warming up.

Jim Thome vs. Arthur Rhodes. There’s a good chance this is the last time we’ll ever be in a stadium to watch Jim Thome, who is without a doubt a legend. Just had to get this on here. And by the way, Art Rhodes is a bad man (in a good way).

Here’s a close up shot of the Riverboat behind the right center field stands. The boat is called ‘M V Collin D’. I always wanted to know if the Reds pay someone to run the ferry while the game is going on, or if the Riverboat captains just do it during the game as part of a hobby or something. I’d be interested in learning more about this.

Girlfriend with Coco Cordero ball in hand, and a couple of Jay Bruce jerseys of course. We’re a sucker for anything Jay Bruce.

After a few beers on the way out of the game we found ourselves hollering uncontrollably at Jim Day, the Reds TV guy on Fox Sports Net Ohio. Day seems like a nice enough fella for sure, but there’s something also slimy and sneaky about his demeanor. Don’t trust him. He’ll sell you down the river. Lots of inside jokes about Jim Day amongst us and our friends.