Lou Piniella is obviously prejudice against Jake Fox

Question for any Cubs fans out there that stumble across the blog. What in God’s name did Jake Fox do to Lou Piniella that makes him hate him so much? We take particular interest in this guy because a teammate of ours from college roomed with Jake Fox in the Great Lakes Summer League and said Fox was a great guy. Fox came out of the University of Michigan. We’re pulling for him to do some business at this level because there’s a good chance we could rub elbows with him. One thing is standing in his way right now: Sweet Lou!

Fox hit the shit out of the ball in AAA Iowa this season. He’s had a good stick in the minor leagues. Now he gets to the Major Leagues and he’s sitting behind Mike Fontenot and Geovany Soto. And all the rest of the Cubs who don’t ever hit. I mean, a game goes 15 innings and Piniella is going to Carlos Zambrano for a pinch hit rather then Fox. If Fox does get in a game it’s sure to be 6 days between at bats. He gets one start, strikes out three times and Piniella made his mind up then that he’s not gonna trust him.

I bet if we talked to Fox or Lou for that matter and got the truth, there’s something to this story. Piniella doesn’t like something about this kid. It’s just quacking like a duck too much.