"It’s Gettin Dark too Dark to see. Feels like I’m knockin on Heavens door"

Last night was a simple but very good win for the Reds. One of the more gratifying wins of the season. As we listened to Dusty Baker exclaim on the 10:30 PM ET edition of Baseball Tonight we knew it was a very big win that the Reds probably weren’t supposed to get.

As we pointed out last night, Javier Vazquez was absolutely dealing. They showed his splits (around 105 K to 16 BB) and we knew it was going to be a long night in which the Reds got just a few hits. We were right about the few hits, but the Reds made them count.

Two singles by Ryan Hanigan. A home run from Micah Owings. A homer to Jay Bruce. That’s all the Reds could work against Vazquez last night.

Bruce got it all started. He doesn’t shoot cripples either. Look at who he homers off of. Studs. He hammers great pitching. Superstar in the making folks.