What's with the Tribe getting an ESPN push?

We’re always a little jealous of whoever gets the ESPN Sunday night game of the week. Well last night it was the Cleveland Indians, and that’s pretty rare in itself. ESPN probably forgot it’s way around Progressive Field. I’m sure most people; like us, thought the Indians would get embarrassed on national television against Chris Carpenter and the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Indians had other ideas. Cliff Lee went out and fired a 3-hit shutout and the Indians won the game 3-0. They did it all without Grady Sizemore and Asdrubal Cabrera in the lineup.

You look up today, and along with the excitement of the Indians recent resurgence, they’re on ESPN again tonight. Enjoy it now, as ESPN won’t award teams like Cleveland and Cincinnati with national television spots very often. Let alone on back to back days. It’s almost as if ESPN knew they had to do a Monday night game and they decided to cut the budgets and keep their crew in Cleveland for the evening.

We hope the Indians can re-capture a little bit of magic and make some type of run, but its pretty unlikely. Even if they get Sizemore back relatively soon; Cliff Lee can’t pitch every night. Fausto Carmona is in rookie ball, and they just don’t have enough starting pitching. They might be doing just enough to save Eric Wedge’s job for this year. And Cleveland has suffered enough sports heartache as a city. We wish the Indians nothing but the best. They’re one of the ‘good guys’ of the MLB fraternity.