The Colorado Rockies are achieving amazing all over again

Wearing basically the same uniform they did when they were the lowly expansion Rockies playing at old Mile High Stadium some 15-plus years ago, the Colorado Rockies are the toast of the baseball world right now.

They’ve matched a franchise record of 11 wins in a row; and everyone should remember that hot streak they went on back at the tail end of 2007 when they won 22 of 23 games to get into the World Series.

New manager Jim Tracy has provided a spark that no one can really explain and that no one could have ever anticipated. The Rockies are simply going out and doing it with a bunch of guys that want it more then the other 25 in the opposite dugout right now. This run can’t continue can it?

Rockies fans should enjoy this; as should the casual baseball fan. This is a perfect example of what makes the game of baseball so special. When a team comprised of just a bunch of grinders defies the odds and beats up on everyone in their path.