The Cincinnati Reds play has created one un-inspired blogger

Swept against the Kansas City Royals. And to think back when I looked at the schedule when it came out this past winter I actually said in my head that it might be fun to see my team sink some pearls in those fountains in the outfield. Little did I know that it would be one of the most frustrating series in recent memory.

And now I wanna go into a little bit of a problem I’m having. You know it’s like, I’m pretty into this Reds team. When they lose and struggle (especially in the fashion that they have lately) I lose a lot of enthusiasm for the sport in general. It’s hard to maintain a blog about baseball when your team is making you hate everything about the sport. I think also what ties in is that I’ve just been absolutely nuts about this team this year. I mean, in a crazy way. I don’t know where it comes from. Living and dying every night on every pitch and every at bat. It just can’t continue. My heart can’t take it and neither can my remotes and other household items.

So, I’m searching for answers. Where we go from here. I’ve had the thought that maybe the blog would benefit if I was just more of a general baseball fan and not such a die hard for the Cincinnati Reds. If I could just enjoy all 30 MLB teams one as much as the other with no favorite this would be a lot more pleasant place to come and read about what is going on. Because when things start to go bad for my boys, the posts drop off and I have jealousy for other teams around the league that win that day or have a hot week. I start to hate other players on other teams in a hot streak. I mean, that’s not healthy. Sometimes I just wish I didn’t love baseball so damn much.

When you have a blog, it’s like having a pet. You got responsibilities. You gotta press on. Even when your team gets 14 hits in a weekend series against the last place Royals. I think that being a former player of baseball, I know that the low times will come but just as you think they’ll last forever you’ll have a few day stretch when seemingly nothing can go wrong.

So apologies are in order for the inactivity. It’s because we’re heartbroken that our Reds are struggling. And we’re open to suggestions on how we can still be a good blogger through all this. Any blogger who won’t admit to some level of homerism and going through this themself is lying. That’s all each and every blogger is anyway, a passionate fan.

Now lets get back on the horse, and get on with this. We’ve got a blog to run.