The Team & The Player who simply would not quit

I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. Lance Mccalister had it all right about these guys. And it’s fitting that they play a game like this to further drive home the point. This team simply won’t die. They will not quit. They will not give up no matter how the deck is stacked against them. They’ve been punched in the gut only to get off the mat and answer the bell every single time. That’s what you want out of your team. That’s what you want out of your players.

That quality is evidenced by Jay Bruce the most perhaps. We never stopped believing in him, and sure enough last night he had one of his better games all season long. His home run off Shairon Martis was the only scoring in 9 innings of play (until a rain delay lasting two hours busted Coco Cordero’s save streak). He also doubled and walked twice, scoring what would eventually be the winning run on a Johnny Gomes double.

You can’t ever stop believing in Jay Bruce or these Reds. Neither one of them are going to quit on you or stop giving their all. Believe. They just might end up making it all worth it.