Throwing it around

Happy hump day to all those Hoggers readers out there. Full slate of baseball pretty much on tap tonight and not much else in the way of sports. Don’t you just love this time of year? It’s the best time of year for baseball.

-Good read here on why agent Scott Boras isn’t as evil as you might think. [Deadspin]
-Raul Ibanez says he’s clean, and he’s not happy about accusations of PED’s. []
-It’s time for concern about A.J. Burnett, Yanks fans. [Blogging the Bombers]
-The Dodgers won their 10,000th game last night. [Dodger Thoughts]
-Some thoughts after round #1 of the MLB Draft. [Baseball America]
-The Rockies were surprised to have a stud pitcher fall to them at the 11th spot. [All Things Rockies]
-Talking about baseball and integrity. [Murray Chass]
-The Strasburg watch is now on in Washington. [Nationals Journal]