Throwing it around

What’s going on Hoggers. Gotta throw some links at you on this sunny summer Tuesday. Reds take on the Washington Nationals tonight in Washington and game 6 of the NHL Stanley Cup is also on tonight. Hoping the Penguins can find a way to send it to a game seven. That would be great for the NHL, which is a fun sport to watch this time of year. Oh and by the way, the MLB Draft is tonight. It’s 6 PM ET on MLB Network.

-An MLB Mock Draft. [Baseball America]
-More really good MLB Draft primer info. [Baseball Analysts]
-A good interview with John Sickels. [Beyond the Box Score]
-The Nationals second pick in the draft could be the telling one. [Washington Times]
-The Yankees had a big win behind Pettite and Rivera last night. [NY Daily News]
-Hey Cardinals fans, hows your sweep at home to the Rockies? How is it? [Cardinals Beat]