After all this time, I can still sling it

You know it’s been a long time since I’ve stepped outside, grabbed hold of a pearl across the threads and just let er’ rip. You know, like a real long time. And it’s more then just something you do physically. Sometimes in life you just have to say “I’m going to sling it” and just fire some throws for an hour or so. It’s the closest I’ve come to solving life’s problems through anything therapeutic. I’ve tried a lot of stuff.

Yesterday the sun was shining and I let it hit my face a while as I went outside with a friend who was an ex-teammate. That friend was in need of another friend at that time and I told him, lets just go throw it for a while.

It clears your mind. If you used to play ball, I promise there’s not much better stress relief then just grabbing your old leather and a baseball with a friend that will let you rocket a few in there and just talk about life with you.

I’m not saying I have a big league caliber arm. Obviously I do not. But it’s funny. It’s just something I’m never going to lose. I can zip the ball into his chest just like I did when I’d hit the cut off from the warning track back in the day; when he played middle infield. Today, my arm doesn’t even hurt. I still throw just as hard as I did when I was 18. And when I was 21. It’s like writing in cursive. Not always the prettiest strokes of the pen but when you take a step back and look at the finished body of work it looks similar to the first time you attempted it.

Moral of this post, I don’t know. It felt good. It was enlightening. Just another beautiful thing that baseball can give to a person who was lucky enough to know the greatest game on earth.