Throwing it around

TGIF to all readers. First weekend in June is here. Hit up your local pool or go to the closest ballpark and catch a ball game or two. Summer is here. Get a sun burn. Smell the roses. Enjoy life the best you can. Read the links below for some enlightenment.

-The finest owner in Cleveland Indians history; Dick Jacobs, has passed away. [CastroTurf]
-Jose Reyes has a tear in his hamstring tendon. [Circling the Bases]
-Pirates players are very upset, an emphasis on VERY; that Nate Mclouth was traded. [UmpBump]
-Congrats to Randy Johnson on win number 300. [El Lefty Malo]
-Yet another hyped prospect’s time has arrived in the big leagues, Carlos Gonzalez in Colorado. [ESPN’s SweetSpot]
-Should the Reds go after Matt Holliday? [Reds Minor Leagues]
-David Ortiz is having his eyes checked for vision problems. [Deadspin]
-An interview with Paul Konerko. [Y! Sports Big League Stew]