The Tony LaRussa faux Twitterer definitely needed sued

Well yesterday we found ourselves wondering about the updates of and profanity that the fake Tony LaRussa twitter bandit used on a Twitter account that he is now being sued for. And today we know.

We mentioned that LaRussa was a bit upset because of the profanity used to give St. Louis Cardinals related updates. We’re guessing it was more then just these three tweets. But just these alone are enough to see why LaRussa did not just shake this off as a laughing matter.

The defendant in one update makes a reference to Darryl Kile’s passing in Chicago a few years back before the Cubs and Cardinals played a game at Wrigley Field. It also makes light of deceased former Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock by saying “drinking a cold Zima and wishing fucking Hancock was alive, I bet he could have got Jack Wilson out.” Aside from making fun of two people who have passed away, he decided to let up and just simply say “Ian Snell sucks now,” after Snell gave up home runs to Molina and ‘Duncan Jr.’ (Chris Duncan does not tack ‘Jr.’ on his name).

The fake LaRussa twitterer; who posts from a location of ‘tossing Pujols’ salad’, got his just desserts. At first, we thought this was LaRussa taking something a little too seriously. But now we’re in Tony’s corner. It’s one thing to create a fake Twitter account of a celebrity and have some light-hearted fun. Is it pathetic and a little bit scary? Yes. But it is funny. When you dance on the grave of the dead and make it a laughing matter, you should get burned. This individual is sick to joke about something so unfortunate that affected the lives of so many people. Not only is it really not all that humorous; but you’re just asking to get screwed yourself. This is a perfect example of karma biting someone in the ass who was asking for it.

So thumbs up to TLR on this one. And Tony, wear a nice suit to court. You’ve got a big case to win, son.