Teixeira earns his pinstripes

Maybe you heard about what Mark Teixeira did last night after Vicente Padilla plunked him. We got a text message from our buddy (Yankees fan) that read ‘Tex just called Padilla a f–cking pussy’. We didn’t know what all the hoopla was about. Until this morning.

“The first two at-bats of my career (against Padilla on June 9, 2005, when Padilla was with Philadelphia), I hit home runs,” Teixeira said. “Third at-bat, I got hit. And every time I’ve faced him since there have been balls near my head, near my body.”

As bloggers will speculate, so will those everywhere in the media. One individual on ESPN radio last night said that Tex showed more backbone in that one moment as a Yankee than A-Rod has in five years plus in the Bronx. I’d counter with; it probably doesn’t hurt that he’s hitting the shit out of the ball and delivering like he was supposed to. Also the Yankees are playing as well as I can ever remember them playing. Even in terms of when we think back to their World Series team. This group is loaded.
We like what Tex did. His move says ‘we aren’t taking shit from anyone this year’. Every team needs that edge to be great.