Bryce Harper will be on your next Sports Illustrated cover

We’ve touched on Harper once before, and now Sports Illustrated has jumped aboard. Harper is dubbed ‘Baseball’s Lebron’. The thing is, it’s totally different then making it to the NBA.

Harper might be on the fast track up through the minor league system of whatever team he is drafted to, but he might not be able to adjust to the pro game like Lebron James did in the NBA and Tiger Woods has on the PGA Tour. Baseball is just, well; different.

We’re sure that Harper will log some MLB time over the course of his life based on his ceiling and potential alone. But to say this guy is going to be a perrenial All Star in MLB is just irresponsible and getting too excited at this point, we think.

He’s 16 years old. Six-teen. Do you know how much can occur in these years for a guy that age? Don’t count your chickens before they hatch on Harper. No matter how bad you want to.