Hamilton, Volquez find careers at a Parallel Once Again

A year ago right now, Josh Hamilton and Edison Volquez were making their push to become first time All-Stars in their first full season as everyday players in the Major Leagues. This came after an offseason trade in December of 2007 that sent Hamilton to Texas and Volquez to Cincinnati.

Here we are a year later, and ironically Hamilton and Volquez are once again finding themselves in a common spot.

Today, Hamilton was placed on the 15-day DL for the rib cage injury that has been nagging him all season. If he requires surgery, he might miss more then two months of action.

Edison Volquez is also headed back to the disabled list. This comes after leaving last night’s ball game in St. Louis after just 1 inning. He was examined in Cincinnati today and it was revealed that he has some tendonitis. This will cause him to not even touch a baseball for 10 days.

It’s amazing how fast this game can change. In a year you can go from a new town to being an All Star all the way to the disabled list. It is a funny game where no one stays on top forever.