Clint Hurdle becomes season's 2nd managerial casualty

The Colorado Rockies have fired Clint Hurdle, replacing him with Jim Tracy. We’ve got mixed feelings on it. It was just two short years ago when the Rockies closed out a season 21-1 en route to their only World Series appearance as a franchise.

Hurdle had been part of the organization since 1994. While you could do worse then Jim Tracy as far as replacements go, you’d have to admit that Coors Field doesn’t exactly fit his small ball managerial style. In fact, what managerial does that albatross of a stadium favor? I mean really, what manager is ever going to be able to win there? It’s tough to sustain any consistency in that park. It’s tough to convince pitchers to come there. In my mind, since Hurdle has displayed an ability to win there at one time; and he’s the only guy to do it since the mid 90’s when Don Baylor did a little bit, he should be given a longer leash.

Under Hurdle, the Rockies went 534-625 (.461) and had one winning season.Tracy, 53, was hired as the Rockies bench coach after the 2008 season. Tracy has said what appealed to him most about joining the Rockies was that the first call he received from anyone in the organization came from Hurdle, rather than anyone in the front office.

Tracy was out of the game last year after managing the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2006-2007. Tracy also spent five seasons managing the Dodgers from 2001-2005. Under Tracy, the Dodgers won the NL West in 2004. His record as a major league manager is 562-572 (.496).

Kind of seems like the Rockies made a change to make a change. Then again, they reserve every right to do that. Clint Hurdle was definitely a better manager then he was a player. He’s got one of the best names in baseball. Here’s hoping that he lands on his feet in life.