Rick Porcello will own Detroit one day

Just a short while ago I remember telling my friend Brian (a Tigers fan) that he needed to keep an eye on this Rick Porcello, and that in a few short years the baseball world would be talking about him as we talked about Josh Beckett a few years ago, with a dominance about him. I told him that in a few years, Detroit will be his town. It’s looking like that day could come sooner then later.

Porcello, at least for the moment; has arrived. From Nick Underhill:
By beating the Royals on Wednesday he became the first 20 year-old pitcher since Doc Gooden to win five games in a row. Gooden won seven as a 19 year-old. That’s no small feat. I mean, sure, anyone can win five a row, but consider this: over that span he has only allowed five earned runs, struck out 20, walked ten, and given up only one homer, all while accumulating a 1.50 ERA, bring his season total down to 3.48.
Okay, when you’re in Doc Gooden territory; you’re downright S-I-C-K. Gooden should have been one of the greatest of all time. And while it’s early in Porcello’s story to know if he’s the real deal or not, a lot of pitchers have came and gone since the days of Gooden. Porcello is showing us a dominance that he’s capable of.
Why Rick Porcello Matters [Deadspin]