Photoblogging: Cleveland Indians vs. Cincinnati Reds (saturday night)

In the club seats, you do not just get a hot dog. You get jambalaya. You get LaRosa’s Pizza. It’s a pretty good deal but just like the Diamond Club Seats, you will see drawbacks that go with the economic hardships of the present day. We really enjoy the view from the club seats as well. Altogether it’s a really nice fan experience and pretty good bang for the buck. We recommend getting there early for batting practice and eating your meal at the sitting bar that faces the field. It’s really relaxing.

In case you haven’t seen them, here’s what the All-Star ballots look for for 2009. Vote for Jay Bruce and his .227 average. We’re only kidding. Well maybe if you’re at the ballpark and just screwing around with one ballot. Never mind.

Here’s the Reds lineup they sent out on this Saturday night. Joey Votto was back in the lineup, and what a night he would end up having. Bruce in the 6th hole we didn’t like so well, but it looks like that is what Dusty Baker is going to do against lefties. Johnny Gomes and Brandon Phillips are dependable right handed bats that can challenge a left hander.

Homer Bailey got called up. Homer Bailey couldn’t throw strikes. Homer Bailey got sent down. We’re pretty much done with him, except to poke a little fun. He’s really never going to figure it out at the big league level, at least not in Cincinnati. It’s just one of those things that wasn’t meant to be, I guess. He just doesn’t have ‘it’. No matter how many times we try to defend the guy, he doesn’t handle his business on the field.

Joey Votto returned after having Friday night off due to dizziness to hit two very impressive home runs. The first was a long line shot to left center field in the first inning. The next was a three run shot that was one of the highest home runs we’ve ever seen it. It was VERY impressive from our view.

Jay Bruce faced Kerry Wood in the 9th inning It was the 571st official at-bat of his career. He nearly won the game for the Reds with a homer, flying out to the track in right field. He would just miss three home runs on the weekend, two in this game alone. Still just a long out.

First time we’ve ever seen Kerry Wood pitch live. He ended up locking down the save despite many Indians fans at the park swearing that he’d blow any lead in the 9th. Even with the save, he’s not been quite the addition that the Indians figured they were getting when they signed him to the mega-contract in the off-season.