Today, We Honor those who Serve Us

We’ve always kind of loved Memorial Day. This past weekend we spent the past 3 days at the ballpark and watched summer basically roll in. There’s a lot to love about this holiday. The barbecues, the grilling, the baseball (afternoon baseball today), the food, the fact that the summer is officially started, the cold beer (do NOT drink & drive), etc. We could go on and on.

But today when your enjoying your favorite team playing in the afternoon on national TV or that hamburger or that cold beet, lets not forget the bigger reason why we’re able to enjoy those fruits of freedom.

This is one of the greatest holidays of them all. If you or someone in your family has served our country, God Bless them on this day and every day. It is because of you all that guys like me are able to speculate about a simple game. Happy Memorial day to all of our readers. It will be a relatively light posting day.