MLB Begins Interleague Play Tonight

There’s a few good things about interleague play. One is obvious in that you get to see some unique matchups that you wouldn’t normally see. Cliff Lee vs. Jay Bruce or Tim Lincecum vs. Miguel Cabrera or; you get the picture.

The other is that every year the year that interleague play starts (and I remember this from my school days), it’s about time to get out of school. So basically every year of my life from 1997 until about 2006, this was a very happy time of the year for me.

So enjoy it. The summer is pretty much officially underway. Spring is gone. And while not everyone likes Interleague play, it is pretty fun to watch if you don’t think about the AL tainting the good baseball of the NL. Too often purists aren’t taking it in a literal sense. In their heads they’re picturing the AL team feasting on the NL team who plays the part of the host for this unstoppable rebel parasitic force. You can’t do that.