Justin Upton may turn into Willie Mays even yet

Listening to the 2nd game of a doubleheader between the Marlins and Diamondbacks that went into the 13th inning, it was one of those special nights for young star Justin Upton, who has taken a liking to the 3-hole in the Arizona lineup.

Upton went 4 for 7 in the game with a pair of 3-run homers. But it was where he hit these home runs in Florida’s park. The anouncers of the game pretty much said that Upton’s two balls totaled aroudn 1,000 feet in distance traveled, with both of them landing in the left field upper deck. Upton’s second blast ended up being the game winner for the Dbacks.

Last year we had Upton pegged for legendary greatness as a 20-year old and he faded. This year it doesn’t look like it’s coming. If it does, he’s already shown a glimpse that he has grown as a player, and he has a chance to be an offensive force that carries a ballclub the way an Albert Pujols does. There is no one in this game with the type of power that Justin Upton brings to the plate. When he comes up to hit, you do not want to leave your seat because you might miss something special.

This came on a day that the Arizona clubhouse had been struck with some sad news.
The wife of Arizona reliever Scott Schoenweis was found dead at his home by his daughter.