George Brett will not let you bash Trey Hillman

Anyone who has ever conversed with George Brett probably would agree that the man is no stranger to profanity. But the last time we heard from Brett he was in a little happier mood; and talking about shitting his pants.

This time Brett is making his message clear. Kind of. He believes that the Kansas City media needs to back off Royals skipper Trey Hillman. And we have to agree. The Royals have already far surpassed any amount of relevance we thought they’d have in 2009. They’re not a bad ballclub. If you look at them on paper, they’re winning with nothing. Their best player is Joakim Soria and he’s on the DL. Hillman hasn’t done a bad job. The media should be calling this guy a messiah in KC.

And props to Brett for whispering his complaints towards the end of the tirade. Afterall, he was on a golf course.

Hat Tip: Big League Stew