Ryan Zimmerman has hit in 30 straight games

Ryan Zimmerman’s hitting streak has now reached 30 games. With that, the streak has gotten serious. Once you get to the 30 game mark, you’re more then halfway to Dimaggio and it becomes one of the biggest stories in sports.

The bottom line is that hitting streaks of 30 or more simply don’t happen very often. Some very good and even great players go an entire career and never do it once. As the WaPo post points out, in this decade there have been only six hitting streaks of 30 or more games (and none since Moises Alou in 2007), and only three that have gone beyond 30.

And when you look at Zimmerman you feel that maybe this could go on a while. He is quiet. He is steady and thorough. Maybe the pressure won’t get to him each night. He just signed a nice contract long-term that might keep a little more pressure off.

At the same time, we took him in our MLB.com’s Beat the Streak game tonight. He could be doomed.