Have a decaf, Rosales

We really like the way you’re playing and all, you could even be someday considered a poor man’s Aaron Boone; high praise. But for God’s sakes, could you settle the fuck down? Please?

We get it. You’re a hustle player. You like to hustle. But at what point is it showing up your comrades? We played the game. There’s hustling. Then there’s running around like an ostrich with a dick up its ass. Stop it.

Just do what you’ve grown up seeing. When you need to go hard out of the box, do it. When you need to hit a home run, it’s okay to go ahead and jog it out a bit. Act like you’ve been there before, ya know?

Use that energy to field a ground ball at third without bobbling the fuck out of it. Nice game tonight, by the way.