Zach Greinke has earned a post devoted to himself

Greinkemania seems to have taken flight in Kansas City, and rightfully so. This guy is truly enjoying a run right now like you see once every 25 years in this game, maybe longer. I say 25 years because I have been watching baseball just slightly longer then that and I haven’t seen a guy put a run together quite like this before. It’s incredible.

22,000 people watched Greinke go out and spin a 3-0 shutout web against the Chicago White Sox last night, and the world still doesn’t know who Zach Greinke is. They will soon, though. The cover story article Joe Posnanski wrote on him in the most recent Sports Illustrated will do a lot for this guy’s recognition. First off, how long has it been since a Kansas City Royal was on the cover of SI? How long has it been since the Royals fans had a reason to truly go nuts about something and “pack the house”? And yes, drawing 22,000 plus is packing the house in Kansas City.

All I kept thinking while scoreboard watching this game last night was how I couldn’t wait to see Greinke pitch live, and how I hoped the Reds get a chance to face him this summer when they travel to KC for a 3 game series. Greinke made me wish I had the MLB Extra Innings package. Right now, the guy is so nasty good you don’t care that he’s a Royal. You’re just interested. I could not help but think about Greinke being so good at pitching that he’s bored (read the SI story folks) last night as I watched zero after zero go up on the ESPN electronic scoreboard for the Royals/Sox game.
There are so many parts of this story right now that are intriguing and amazing, but basically just know this. Zach Greinke is now 6-0 with a 0.40 ERA to begin the season. His dominance began late last season in September for the Royals and right now he’s not just the best pitcher in the game, but if he doesn’t get hurt we could see something special like a 25 game winner on a bad team or a guy who wins 20 three seasons in a row. We aren’t getting ahead of ourselves here. Royals fans can smile. They finally have something that every other team in the league covets for the first time since maybe Bo Jackson or George Brett were around.