That Upton kid is getting it going

It looks like Justin Upton is starting his early season surge about a month earlier then he did last season. If you remember, during the first month of the season last year Upton looked like he was going to have a rookie season similar to Albert Pujols’. He faded badly. Then he started this year really slowly. But we’ve been watching the box score every night on this guy, and he’s beginning to rumble a bit. Upton hit his third home run of the year (seems like everything he’s been hitting lately has been extra bases) and he’s up to 5th in the batting order.

Arizona needs the offense badly to do anything in the NL West. Keep your eye on Upton, because if he can surprise this year and not fade badly like he did in 2008, he might be able to help the DBacks hang around. We think too much hype was put on this kid early on because of his draft status, his last name, and he’s built like Bo Jackson.

The blast along with Dan Haren’s 8 innings and 11 K’s helped Arizona to defeat the Brewers 4-1 for earning their second win in a row in Milawaukee.