Reds head to Miami for a test

The Reds head to Florida for a quick two game series with the Marlins before coming back to the friendly confines of wonderful Cincinnati for mid-week and weekend games. This is fresh off a series win over the Pittsburgh Pirates in the Steel City.

Most that know the Reds are not overly excited about this trip to play the Marlins. A big reason for that is the Reds must face two impressive young pitchers in Josh Johnson (2-0 2.60 ERA) and Chris Volstad (2-0. 2.67 ERA). Personally, I’m looking forward to it. And let me tell you why.

One of those two guys may shut us down, no doubt. I’d guess Johnson. He’s a legit stud in this game. But–I guaruntee we get to the other. This team is built to hit right handed pitching. I’d rather see these two than any run of the mill lefty that any team has to offer. For whatever the reason this Reds team seems to play better on the road. That’s a quality of a well disclipined team in some facets of the game. Another point is, didn’t the Pirates just sweep the Marlins? They’re beatable. Solid, but beatable.

I wanna see what Votto and Bruce and yes even Dickerson whose star is fading fast have against these two big righthanded flamethrowers down in south beach. Whenever you’ve got good young hitters you should always want to see them test the measuring stick against the best there is to offer, as long as there is breaks in the aces they face now and then. The weather should be good. We get to see Hanley Ramirez for a couple games. The last time the Reds were on that field Ken Griffey Jr. was celebrating his 600th trot around the bases.

I’m looking forward to it.