Cole Hamels drinks Hoegaarden

We’ll always feel a certain connection with Cole Hamels. He was pleasant to us when we had a conversation with us after one of his initial career nights in Cincinnati in 2007. In that conversation we specifically remember him mentioning having a few cold ones after the game. Now it’s confirmed that Hamels at least enjoys good beer.

Last night, my wife took me to Butcher & Singer, and guess who comes and sits in the booth across from us? [Ed Note: Cole Hamels?]

Holly-fucking-World-fucking-Series-M-V-fucking-P-Wood Hamels [Ed Note: First try!], and the lovely Heidi. Also in tow looked like the lefty’s sister and mom(?).

I am a tool but not enough of one to bug a man during a nice dinner (had it been Jim’s Steaks or something I would have sat in his lap), but I had to do something. I decided to buy my hero a beer; sending over my waiter for the ballin-est, “Ah, excuse me sir” moment of my life. I told him not to point me out or anything like that, just please enjoy. The waiter came back with Cole’s warm regards.

I watched him drink the beer and get more animated in his conversation, and couldn’t help but think that I was somehow contributing — you know, helping in some small way — my hero to enjoy his night out.

It was just the coolest damn thing.

Now the only interesting piece of info I really have for you: the beer of WFCs? Hoegaarden. Who knew? Hoegaarden… no shit.

So there you have it. Cole Hamels beer of choice is Hoegaarden. It’s quality beer. We really don’t drink much anymore, but when we did we frequented a Winking Lizard Tavern down the street that had specials on that beer. It’s that good. You’ll never drink Blue Moon again if you try it.

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