Yovani Gallardo was the whole damn show

You knew the Brewers were counting on Yovani Gallardo to emerge as the ace of the staff after losing Ben Sheets and CC Sabathia in the offseason. He was in a sense, their only hope. The Brewers got more then an ace performance from Gallardo on wednesday, as he achieved Major League history. Gallardo became only the 3rd player in Major League history to homer while pitching a shutout and striking out 10 or more.
The win gave the Brewers a sweep (much needed) at home over the Pittsburgh Pirates. Other then what Gallardo went out and did at the plate and on the mound, there just isn’t much to speak of. Obviously the guy is capable of being a legitimate stud in this league. His home run was his second of the season. Gallardo has the look of a guy who could eventually win 20 games some season at the level, even if it is not this year as he returns from injury. Look for him to really heat up down the stretch and emerge as one of baseball’s finest pitchers.