Throwing it around

Are you worried about the Swine Flu? We are a bit. I mean after all, if we get it who is going to run Diamond Hoggers? The article even mentions empty ballparks. A world without baseball? Then we’ll know its Hell on earth for sure. Here’s some baseball stuff to keep your mind off the real problems of the world:

-Mythbusters: can you knock the hide off a baseball? [More Hardball]
-Chris Dickerson, weird metro sexual scarves and all, is a good guy. [Blue Collar Baseball]
-Citi Field will not tolerate negativity from the fans that inhabit it. [Deadspin]
-Phillies won on the strength of a couple of Grand Slams last night. [Phillies Nation]
-Our newest fantasy team member Dexter Fowler tied an MLB record last night with 5 stolen bases….. by the 4th inning. [Inside the Rockies]
-Justin Verlander out-duels CC Sabathia. [LoHud Yankees Blog]
-Barry Bonds speaks out and lets us know he isn’t retired. [Extra Baggs]