Hogger's Sunday Sermon: Weekend Weather says summer is here

This was slated to be the best weather weekend we’ve had thus far in the midwest, and sun screen will be in the air at ballparks all across America. With the sun burn we’ve earned the past two days at the Great American Ball Park, we are reminded that we’re about to hit the best part of the season.

We’ve had a few weeks to get adjusted to regular season life. Memorial Day is just around the corner. It won’t be long until your neighborhood barbecues take place every weekend with a ballgame possibly on in the background. As fans we’ve waited a long time to get to this point and it won’t be here for long. Let this post be a reminder to take a moment and soak it all in. Life is good.

it can be done, skip something you had to do on a saturday that can wait and take your kid to a ballgame. It’s important that we get youth interested in the sport. if you’re going to a Major League game, get there early and watch batting practice. Especially if you have nice weather. Take advantage that this sport allows you to get closer with its superstars than any other.

If you live near a park, take a walk some night and see if there is any Little League games going on in the ball diamond that inhabit that park. If there is, sit down for a few innings in the bleachers and let your mind rest. We promise that after you will feel just a little bit easier about whatever worries you might have. It’s inevitable. Possibly even if you don’t like baseball.

The bottom line is that bright sun that is back after a long winter reminds us that we’re approaching the pinnacle of the baseball season, and within the blink of an eye it will be here and gone. So do like us and grab yourself some SPF 50 like our mom made us as kids and head down to the ballpark.

Fantasy Player about to boom:
Ricky Romero, Toronto. Paul Maholm has that All-Star look to him in Pittsburgh. (Honorable Mention: Prince Fielder and/or Ryan Braun)

Fantasy Player about to bust:
Anyone in the Toronto Blue Jays lineup.

Song that needs played over your stadium loud speakers:

Life’s Been Good to me So Far by Joe Walsh
(Alright you don’t have to play the whole song between innings, just the guitar solo)

Gameday snack of the week:

California Rolls, preferably from Benihana. That place should be known for it’s sushi and not the Hibachi. We’re telling ya, don’t sleep on Benihana sushi. They’ve also got this deal where it’s like $26.95 for unlimited sushi. Or you can get a shitload for like $15. If you don’t have one near your place of residence we’re sorry, you’re missing out.

Gameday Dipper’s Choice of the Week:

Give Skoal Edge a start in your starting lineup of dips. It is the distant cousin of Skoal Mint and Skoal Spearmint and the half brother of Skoal Wintergreen. You should be able to grab this shiny tin at a discount price in most areas. You will be impressed with the overflow of flavor you receive with just one pinch of Skoal Edge. In fact, one decent grab may just last you a whole 9 innings. This is an excellent hog for the casual dipper who is sneaking and buying a tin behind his girlfriend’s back while going to the ballgame with his buddies. It is also reccomended in all seasons, as opposed to Skoal Cherry, which tastes like rat shit in the summertime.

Lost in the Shuffle:
Remember when you drafted Joe Mauer high again in your fantasy baseball draft because you thought there’s no way he’d fuck you for another season in some way again this year? Well he did by being frail. Mauer is going to be back soon though. Mauer will play in extended spring training games the next three days, then join Low-A Fort Myers on Friday for a six-game rehab stint. If all goes well, he’ll be activated from the DL and join Minnesota on May 1.

Games of note of the upcoming week:
Sunday, April 26th: New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox. Justin Masterson re-enters the Boston rotation and faces Andy Pettite at Fenway Park. First tilt of these two teams that have been extremely ordinary to start the year. ESPN, of course has the coverage on Sunday Night Baseball.

Monday, April 27th: Florida Marlins at New York Mets. Anibal Sanchez takes on Jeff Maine at Citi Field. This opens a pretty big series for two teams that figure to do battle all year long for that NL East crown. The Mets had a chance to get healthy against the Nats.

Thursday, April 30th: Arizona DiamondBacks at Milwaukee Brewers. Which one of these underachievers will hit rock bottom first? The loser of this 4-game series in Winsconsin, that’s who. Ryan Braun has shown some signs of life, but Prince Fielder and Justin Upton look like they’ve forgotten how to play the game (at the plate anyways).