We head to the ballpark, you hold down the fort

We’ll be taking friday afternoon and evening off. As well as saturday morning and afternoon. We’re sure the NFL Draft can keep you busy along with all the wonderful baseball. It might even be a great time to clean the garage.

We’re headed out on the open road to see two ballgames; as the Reds welcome the Atlanta Braves into town fresh off of a couple of big victories. We’ll see what’s interesting about those games and we’ll be sure to have some interesting posts for you when we return.

You know, something to note: we’ve still never seen Jay Bruce hit a home run while in attendance live at the park. But, we have this suspicion that this is going to be the weekend. Almost seven years to the date on a saturday afternoon game in Cincinnati we saw Adam Dunn play for the first time live and homer. We’re also attending the game with our buddy George who happened to make the trip with us that fateful day. Since Bruce is the heir aparent to Dunner, we figure that these parallels mean something.

So excuse us. We’re geared up for a big weekend at the ballpark. And it’s also the final saturday afternoon game all season at Great American (we wish there were more saturday afternoon games at home and less sunday afternoon with more sunday evening games).

Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.