It's more then a feeling

You know this was as beautiful and satisfying of a win as we could remember in a long time. We wish we were able to say it more eloquently; but quite frankly the Reds showed a little bit of everything in this game that will hopefully make them formidable all season long.
Johnny Cueto was lights out. Only striking out three hitters, but no walks. He only allowed four hits in seven scoreless innings. His fastball had movement on it all night.
Jay Bruce had two knocks, including a late beautiful home run off Kevin Gregg to provide an important insurance run to left center field. Bruce seems to like hitting at Wrigley Field. He also hustled out another infield hit–which is something as a baseball fan you love to see.

The win gave the Reds a 6-3 record on their current road trip and guarunteed it to be a winning trip. The Reds are doing the little things that you must do to smoke and mirror other teams to death. Playing defense (Edwin Encarnacion made some nice plays in this game as did Brandon Phillips) and playing small ball, the Reds used the bunt several times effectively in this game.

They’re winning on the road, which requires takes a disciplined team. That’s something we’re not sure they’ve had since about 1999 or 2000 at the very latest.