You Boys just need a spark to beat those Cubbies

Come on boys. You can do it tonight. This is a big, big game. And Heavens knows I’m a watchin’ each and every one of you. You know Ol’ Marge loves ya, don’tcha Honeys?

Now could ya get me another Vodka on the rocks? No lime, no lemon. Just give it ta me would ya sweetheart? You know ol’ Marge gets awful thursty when she watches her Redlegs play those fucking murderers and rapists from the south side of Chicago. Oh Heavens am I thirsty, honey. Better make that vodka a double.

Phillips, you’re in a hell of a slump ya little obnoxious son of a bitch. Now, tell Schottzie you’re going to win for her tonight. Do it, go ahead. Be a good black, sweetie.

Don’t screw it up tonight boys. If you’re the winning team I’ll show you a good look at this nasty old growler I keep between my legs!