Bruce returns, Reds lose first battle with Cubs

You try not to make too much of early season ballgames in April. But for a young team, some could make the case that this game at Wrigley Field (the first night game of the year in Wrigleyville) with a chance to call first place theirs for a day was a nice test. The Reds did not pass that test.
Jay Bruce made his return on this cold night, homering off a Rich Harden changeup to spot the Reds a 1-0 lead. Micah Owings throws like a 5th starter on a 5th place team throws. When your gets a run, don’t walk anybody and hang a zero. That’s what we were always told. Win the inning. Micah Owings didn’t do any of those things. He quickly gave up a home run to Micah Hoffpauir to tie the game at 1.
After the Cubs took the lead, Bruce tied the game at 2-2 with a single to right field. From there, all hell broke loose. The wind was not blowing out, but playing tricks with the Cincinnati outfielders. Chris Dickerson error really allowed the game to get away. Aramis Ramirez did was Aramis Ramirez always does. He had 3 hits and 3 RBI and the biggest hit of the game, a bases loaded double that basically ended the game.
The Reds are up against it tonight and have that dreaded + attached to a high number at all the sports books in Vegas because they’re facing Ted Lilly. But that dirtball is due to get kicked in the nuts unexpectedly. Tonight could be that night.